Asking Not Presuming


our inception and future

Digital Mamas was set up because there can be limited, unstructured meet ups for parents on a weekend and there certainly didn't seem to be any that were sector specific.

In future I'd like to be able to say that we were a sector led group that created positive change to provide a better working environment across digital led businesses for parents and young people alike.

understanding your needs

That's enough about what I'd like for the group though. I'd love to hear what you'd like to get from Digital Mamas so it can be shaped to truly represent the opportunities, challenges and issues of parents in the digital sector in Leeds.

If there's a challenge that is sector wide that many of us are coming across maybe we can work with the right stakeholders to create positive change. Similarly, if there's an opportunity to be had, lets shout about it.

Individually we can make a noise, collectively we can create change.

digital mamas survey spring 2017

What would you like to get from Digital Mamas? *
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